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The Wellness Toolbox: Tool #1 – CUDDLES!

My life changed a couple decades ago, after I stopped running around trying to get an exact diagnosis for the debilitating chronic pain I was experiencing, and instead, started looking at how to amplify wellness in my life. Eventually, this approach became the cornerstone of the Dancing with Pain® method I developed, and additionally became [...]

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Turmeric Leek Therapy Soup

My cooking is like my music: There is always a story behind it. So as part of sharing the recipe for this soup, I'm going to share what led up to its creation. I was very upset early this morning - to the point that I ended up convulsing in sobs, hunched over the kitchen [...]

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My Guide to a Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet, for Punk Rockers, Lazy Asses, and People who Couldn’t Follow a Recipe if Their Lives Depended on It

Most people know me as an Iraqi Jew. So they would corner me at the local synagogue, asking - in a tone that was part-conspiring and part-patronizing (because food was all Iraqi Jews were good for) – what I ate for dinner growing up. “Stouffers,” I’d reply, simultaneously disappointing and confusing them. What they didn’t [...]

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How I’m Practicing Self-Care During the Coronavirus Scare

This soup is packed with organic veggies, Adzuki beans, and spices. Yum! I have self-healed from asthma, insomnia, chronic pain, and numerous other chronic health issues, and I have stopped the growth of cancer, through self-care strategies that I have developed over the years - through personal experimentation (my body and life are [...]

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The Science behind Music as Medicine

Can music really heal the physical body? Leading scientific research says yes. Studies on the healing powers of music are documented in books like The Power of Music (by NY Times best-selling author Elena Mannes) and The Healing Power of Sound (by oncologist Mitchell Gaynor MD), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently launched three new studies on the healing [...]

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The Story behind the Song, “Cancer Is My Engine”

When Iraqis in Pajamas front woman Loolwa Khazzoom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010, she was not simply offered the option of surgery; rather, she was bullied into choosing that option, with one of the doctors telling her, in so many words, that she would die if she did not get surgery, emphasizing, “You can’t [...]

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My Grand Healing Adventure

I wrote this personal statement for the Lloyd Symington Foundation, as part of my application for a grant for my band, Iraqis in Pajamas, to produce the song, "Cancer Is My Engine." It puts my Cancer Healing Adventure in the context of a lifetime of choices I made in how to approach trauma and healing. My [...]

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Iraqis in Pajamas Releases New Single about Healing from Cancer through Song

Contact: Loolwa Khazzoom, Band Leader ‪(253) 466-4326‬ iraqisinpajamas@gmail.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Against the Backdrop of Scientific Studies Proving the Healing Power of Music, Seattle Band Releases Innovative Single about Healing from Cancer through Song On March 1, Iraqis in Pajamas releases, “Cancer Is My Engine,” whose production is being funded by the Lloyd Symington Foundation, which supports people living with and healing [...]

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