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Racist Zoombombers and the Healing Power of Love

I've been contemplating the healing powers of love. On Friday night, my heart was filled with love and joy, as I prepared to lead a prayer service. Over 100 people from the spectrum of faiths, nationalities, and ethnicities showed up on the Zoom call, to share in rejoicing the Iraqi Jewish tradition of my ancestry. [...]

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The Science behind Music as Medicine

Can music really heal the physical body? Leading scientific research says yes. Studies on the healing powers of music are documented in books like The Power of Music (by NY Times best-selling author Elena Mannes) and The Healing Power of Sound (by oncologist Mitchell Gaynor MD), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently launched three new studies on the healing [...]

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My Grand Healing Adventure

I wrote this personal statement for the Lloyd Symington Foundation, as part of my application for a grant for my band, Iraqis in Pajamas, to produce the song, "Cancer Is My Engine." It puts my Cancer Healing Adventure in the context of a lifetime of choices I made in how to approach trauma and healing. My [...]

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Writing Is Powerful Medicine

Tonight I spoke with a newish friend about how I have been feeling grief, sadness, and depression related to my family. After decades of trying every possible means of healing my family relationships, my relationships to those relationships, and my family members themselves, I have given up. Or more accurately, I have chosen to stop [...]

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