Personal & Professional Coaching

Unlike many so-called experts, Loolwa Khazzoom won’t tell you what to do or think, and she won’t claim that because X healed her from Y, it will do the same for you. Instead, she will invite you into a deep and highly-customized exploration of how you can transform into a vehicle for the unbridled and ecstatic expression of your soul whatever Life throws your way. She will help you recognize your intelligence and passion, as well as identify your talents and resources, and she will guide you in connecting the dots, strategically designing a road map for your life and work.

For example, if you are looking for natural pain relief, holistic cancer care, or a mind-body-spirit way of managing some other chronic health issue, Loolwa will help you create and activate a wellness toolbox and otherwise navigate the confusing waters of living with and healing from chronic illness – pointing you to resources in her personal and professional network, as well as helping you research, evaluate, and make decisions about additional resources that may benefit you, whether health and wellness professionals, books, workshops, or support groups.

Or if you are looking to put your dreams into action, she will draw from the vastness of her experience as a published author, public speaker, musician, wellness coach, public relations manager, journalist, human rights activist, multicultural educator, and more, to guide you on how to channel your personal growth and transformation into meaningful work in the public sphere.

To this end, for a limited number of clients who want hands-on support, Loolwa additionally offers public relations management services – helping you secure mainstream media coverage, prestigious speaking engagements, and endorsement from VIPs in your field, as well as working with you on the basics of branding, messaging, and content development for your website and social media sites. Find out more about Loolwa’s public relations work, including testimonials from her clients.

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