I’ve been contemplating the healing powers of love. On Friday night, my heart was filled with love and joy, as I prepared to lead a prayer service. Over 100 people from the spectrum of faiths, nationalities, and ethnicities showed up on the Zoom call, to share in rejoicing the Iraqi Jewish tradition of my ancestry. Then it was Zoombombed by racists who tried to jam the audio and who sent pictures of swastikas and anti-Semitic texts. I didn’t know until we got to the part of the service where I was leading group singing. I asked the facilitator to unmute everyone, and I was told he couldn’t because he was keeping that situation in check. Honestly, I wanted to invite the haters to sing with us! It felt so sad that they wanted to join us only to indulge in venom, instead of to exalt in the Divine and to lift up our hearts and voices together in celebration.

Regardless, I adapted to the situation and led the singing, imagining the voices of everyone joining in the call-and-response. While I couldn’t hear them, I saw people on the video swaying or bouncing to the music, especially when I started playing hand drums. It was such an uplifting experience! At the end of the call, I honored the people from the Washington DC synagogue who invited me to lead the service, and then I directly addressed the racists who had Zoombombed the call: “If you’re still here with us,” I said, “I bless you that the hatred in your heart transforms into love, and I invite you to join us next time to sing, pray, and dance with us.” I truly meant that.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Erica Goodstone. As I spoke with her, I learned about her conclusion in life that love is at the core. Those who feel truly loved are more likely to emanate love. Those who feel starved of love may emanate hate. What would happen if our focus was on cultivating love in our lives and sharing that love with the world? Erica kindly invited me to participate in a summit on the science and poetry of love. I felt called to share how healing naturally from cancer is a form of self-love. I’m very curious to see what others chose to speak about on the panel. It’s free, virtual, and happening now through May 22. Here’s the link, if you feel curious to explore what she is offering. https://scienceandpoetryoflove.com/?ap_id=loolwa

Gd bless, and may all of our lives be overflowing with the healing powers of LOVE!

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