3 Steps to Game-Changing Marketing

by Loolwa Khazzoom • November 6, 2013 • in Writing and Editing Tips
You’re not average, so why should your marketing be? Join media, marketing, and PR specialist Loolwa Khazzoom and holistic business coach Maureen Callaghan Jacobson for this on-demand seminar on understanding and establishing the 3 building blocks of a successful marketing campaign. In reaching for the summit of our vision, we entrepreneurs (especially...

The End of Hope. The End of Trying.

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 22, 2016 • in Family Secrets
The End of Hope, the End of Trying This past fall and winter, the neighbor to the east of me behaved in ways that traumatized me and put my life in danger. About six weeks ago, he did it again, although a much milder – yet still potent – version of the same behavior. I realized that, despite having moved six times in the past six years, and despite being...


by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
I traverse worlds experiences Stand at intersections That never came together in your eyes In your mind And that gives me A unique vantage point And that makes me Lonely I open my mouth And I speak But you don’t hear me See me Understand me And that leaves me Wondering Why bother Trying to connect At all ©2015 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved....

Battering Ram

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
You work your holidays Like a battering ram Coming at me from all angles At all times Invading my senses My streets my screens my stores My home Sending the message Loud and clear That none of this is mine ours That we are but guests In your castle Which you claim We own and control As you relegate us To the sidelines The shadows Force feeding us Your public...


by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
Our power is tenuous Always tenuous The ground can open up And swallow us whole At any moment And we know it We always know it What will the goyim think Becomes our refrain Keep your head down Watch your back And yet you are oblivious To this dynamic Despite its having repeated Throughout the millennia You have the luxury and privilege Of living in the present Looking...

Perfect Irony

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
It’s a twisty kind of racism With a built-in mechanism Of obfuscation and denial Aren’t you the clever one Striking from behind a cloak of invisibility You paint us as being all-powerful Preying on the innocent The world our victim Framing us as the uber racists Thereby justifying our genocide As a means of achieving piece And the reason your...

Dance out the Wreckage

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
I heroically Dance out the wreckage You caused in me While you deny everything Crazy making On top of devastating You’re more concerned About covering your ass Than taking moral inventory Recognizing your hypocrisy And criminal behavior Taking accountability And making amends Damage piled upon damage Your refusal to deal with it Means that I have to More...

Protected: I Want

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
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Watching You Die

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
Sitting by Watching you die Nothing I can do I’m not even By your side You made this bed Now you lie in it But my heart bleeds As I watch this shit I tried so hard So many years went by You never stepped to the plate Don’t even know If you tried Cloud hangs over my head As I go through my day Nothing will dispel it There’s nothing left...


by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
I’m always Compensating for you I see you Speeding down The freeway Know you’re About to bust a move So I slow down So you can go fast Without putting Anyone’s life at risk I’m always Compensating for you I see you Barreling down the sidewalk Know you won’t Honor my body space So I step aside So you can walk freely Without anyone...

Oust Her

by Loolwa Khazzoom • May 7, 2016 • in Songs
Oust Her Jealous of me Angry at me For not being bedridden like you are You are the crab Bring down the crab Who makes it to the top Of the barrel On the verge of crossing To the other side Leaping to the Light You’d pull her down Oust Her Get out of my life I am the crab with wings Flying out of this Pot of boiling water You can’t stop me You...

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