3 Steps to Game-Changing Marketing

by Loolwa Khazzoom • November 6, 2013 • in Writing and Editing Tips
You’re not average, so why should your marketing be? Join media, marketing, and PR specialist Loolwa Khazzoom and holistic business coach Maureen Callaghan Jacobson for this on-demand seminar on understanding and establishing the 3 building blocks of a successful marketing campaign. In reaching for the summit of our vision, we entrepreneurs (especially...

A New Way of Writing

by Loolwa Khazzoom • September 26, 2014 • in Keeping It Raw
I have not been blogging for a long time now. I have done some sporadic blogging, but ever since Fall 2011, I haven’t been blogging consistently, which I had been doing previously. I always felt I was writing to Gd/dess/the Universe, throwing my thoughts and ideas out into the world with love. The problem is that from time to time, I would get back judgmental,...

The Squirrel and the Crow

by Loolwa Khazzoom • February 3, 2014 • in Random Shit
Awesome story from this morning, right outside my window: So there’s this squirrel being all agro (aggressive) on a crow. The squirrel goes running up to the crow; the crow jumps in the air and flaps around its wings; the squirrel returns to chasing nuts; and the crow lands in the same spot, body taut, looking in the direction of the squirrel. Then...

Interrupt Objectification

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 7, 2014 • in Keeping It Raw
One of the reasons I love not shaving is that it interrupts objectification. Men will start with the up-down, assessment-of-inventory look, then get to my hairy legs and suddenly go from a look of entitlement to one of utter confusion, shock, or panic – impelling most to abruptly look away, clueless about how to interact with a female body that does...

Cut the Cheese: Why this Dairy Glutton Suddenly Went Hard-Core Vegan

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 30, 2013 • in Wellness
This article was first published on the Dancing with Pain® blog, on April 17, 2011. Throughout my life, I was a dairy glutton. My idea of heaven was eating a fresh loaf of bread with a big hunk of cheese, then washing it down with a hot mocha latte. I voraciously consumed New York pizza, Greek salad, Italian gelato, and some of the more esoteric fare —...

You Are the Healer You Are Seeking

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 30, 2013 • in Wellness
This article was first published on the Dancing with Pain® blog, on October 6, 2013. I have had my fair share of trauma and health challenges, and life certainly has not played out the way I envisioned as a child. While illness and injury have put a damper on things, however, they also have, in their weird little way, provided opportunities for me to grow,...

Yes You Can Heal Yourself!

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 30, 2013 • in Wellness
This article was first published on the Dancing with Pain® blog, on October 31, 2013.  Conventional wisdom has it that when something goes wrong — I mean really wrong, like being in pain all day, every day — we need to pull out the big guns: costly MRIs, elaborate surgical procedures, and hi-tech pharmaceuticals. We need to outsource the solution,...

Get Your Blog On! The Important Role Blogging Plays in Business Development

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 30, 2013 • in Writing and Editing Tips
This article was first published in The Huffington Post, on December 27, 2013. I love social media. I relate to it as a giant party or never-ending conference, in which I get to meet countless awesome people in my areas if interest. Through Twitter, I recently became acquainted with Mandy McEwen, the founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing. I love the fresh,...

5 Tips for Successful Online Marketing

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 23, 2013 • in Writing and Editing Tips
This article was originally published in The Huffington Post, on December 17, 2013.  I recently became acquainted with online marketing strategist Shane Jones, after he left a comment on one of my previous posts. I read through his site with great interest and saw, from his own blog posts, that the man knows his stuff. We had a few conversations by phone,...

The Christmas Bulldozer

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 22, 2013 • in Jewish Multicultural Corner
Once upon a time, Americans were honest: They said, “Merry Christmas” and talked about “Christmas vacation.” Then, in an ingenious attempt to honor diversity, Americans switched to, “Happy holidays” and began referring to “the holiday season” – a purportedly all-inclusive, religiously and culturally appropriate, pan-American time of year...

What Do You Do, and Who the Hell Cares?

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 15, 2013 • in Writing and Editing Tips
This article was first published in The Huffington Post on December 2, 2013. Any worthy marketing professional will emphasize the importance of establishing your brand, target audience, and message as the first step of getting your business off the ground. To ensure that you understand just what this triad of business basics is all about, I’m going...

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