3 Steps to Game-Changing Marketing

by Loolwa Khazzoom • November 6, 2013 • in Writing and Editing Tips
You’re not average, so why should your marketing be? Join media, marketing, and PR specialist Loolwa Khazzoom and holistic business coach Maureen Callaghan Jacobson for this on-demand seminar on understanding and establishing the 3 building blocks of a successful marketing campaign. In reaching for the summit of our vision, we entrepreneurs (especially...

Santa Cruz Mountains

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 29, 2016 • in Songs
I try to hold on To a piece of you By saving your message But then the grief hits me When I hear your voice again In the Santa Cruz mountains You tower on your island  I can’t figure out If you enjoy this misery You create in me Or if you don’t even Think about it at all It feels like I’m standing At an intersection Where every street...

All Alone in the World

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 29, 2016 • in Uncategorized
All alone in the world I’d rather be lonely Than be with you The world is all the same Everywhere you go Solitary misery Is better than misery with you Get out of my life I’m not even going to try I ran away to nowhere Because you’re everywhere So now I’m staying here without you Observing from behind the bars My best performance...

And Now Truth Is My Dance

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 29, 2016 • in Songs
I was engaged But now I’m disengaging Different times Different needs Different paths I was in pursuit of Truth I danced it To Life Through engaging With you And now Truth Is my Dance I don’t need to Pull it out Of you or Through you Anymore It just Is In my Dance Through my walk In my smile I am Tearing away at The cobwebs And the grime Laser...

Come to Life

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 29, 2016 • in Songs
Little girl Come to Life I was worried I was betraying her But I was just Waking up Parts of her That didn’t get To Play Before And now they do Now they do @2016 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.

When Your Dog Is Free, I Am Not

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 15, 2016 • in Keeping It Raw
As a dog owner, you may find leash laws to be anything from unnecessary to unreasonable, especially if you have the sweetest dog to roam the face of the planet. You may think the only reason a dog should be restrained is if it is aggressive, inclined to attack people or other dogs. You therefore may feel entirely baffled why someone would get their panties...

Marketing for the Socially Conscious Set

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 14, 2016 • in Writing and Editing Tips
Tad Hargrave, founder of Marketing for Hippies, specializes in helping activists and other socially conscious individuals learn how to market their products and services in ways that are in alignment with their souls. As an activist/educator-turned-publicist/marketing specialist myself, I have intimate knowledge of the queasiness one can feel about marketing,...

What Exactly Do You Mean?

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 14, 2016 • in Keeping It Raw
When I was in high school, a friend made some complaint about “the Chinese kids.” It bothered me that she effectively used “Chinese” as the qualifier for behavior she found to be annoying. “What do you mean ‘the Chinese’ kids?” I asked. “You know,” she said, “the ones who hang out in the hallway.”...

Writing a Book? Here’s My #1 Tip!

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 14, 2016 • in Writing and Editing Tips
A number of you plan on writing a book, now or in the future, so I want to share with you the most important promotional tip for getting your book out there: Start promotion before your book is published, ideally six months prior. I typically get calls from people just after they have published a book, thinking that is when all the fun begins. The thing...

Become the Media

by Loolwa Khazzoom • January 14, 2016 • in Writing and Editing Tips
For those of you in the healthcare field, which is most of you who follow me, it is essential to facilitate a sense of trust for your work. While someone may try out a new pizza joint she saw advertised in the local paper, she’s unlikely to find her doctor or bodyworker by looking in a newspaper and clipping out an ad. So how do you get the word out there...

Something Has Released in Me

by Loolwa Khazzoom • December 27, 2015 • in Songs
Something has released in me And suddenly I feel free To speak the truth unabashedly Open and flowing I was protecting you At the expense of me But suddenly it feels easy To share my story Release it to the Universe So that it morphs into Something beautiful and positive Maybe my music brought me here After all “singing is praying twice” And...

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