My Cancer Healing Adventure

In 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer, and doctors wanted me to get surgery removing my thyroid. I said no thank you. Instead, I walked into my kitchen and pulled out almost everything in my refrigerator and cabinet, giving it away to friends and family. I met with leaders of a local vegan group, and [...]

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A Teeny Tiny Termite

Manipulating facts And rearranging them To cover your ass Is called lying And even a teeny tiny lie About the most inconsequential thing Can crumble an entire relationship Like a teeny tiny termite Eating away at the foundation You exploited the inconsistency of technology Instead of just saying you’re sorry Causing me to take pause [...]

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Marriage is The quiet intention Decision Devotion Daily action Not the noise Of white dresses tuxedos wedding planners and assigned seating It is just the heartbeat Of you and me Eye to eye Soul to soul Not the history of ritual The grand production The binding together Through community witnesses And external demarcation Of the [...]

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Co-Creating a Happy Life

I want to marry you Not society Not these pre-ordained rituals And scripts And dress codes Just you And me Waking up next to each other Every day Co-creating A Happy Life ©2017 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission  

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All that You Have Lost

You are the calm placid quiet Of death The flatline that comes with Giving up the will to live Lining up your Chicken of the Sea mermaids Like tombstones Where everything is in its proper place In an orderly graveyard You confuse the passion and power of Life With the chaos and instability of our [...]

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You are the death force Going about your business Destroying the life force In calm rational ways Like the scientist in the lab coat Quietly developing components that kill Delivering them in small neat little pills Handing them to loved ones With the authority bestowed upon her By others In a long chain of cultural [...]

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Poor Me

You say You have no one Taking care of you When in fact They are running circles Around you And that's how You do it Poor me poor me poor me You come off Like you're going to drop dead At any moment While you're actually busy Strangling the life Out of your daughter But [...]

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State of Ease

Out of the rubble Of your free will And my human limitations Comes my ability To think create Be Without having to fight Your voices in my head Anticipating your Resistance lack of intelligence Proactively compensating For all of it And so I have The gifts of Flow and Possibility In a state of Ease [...]

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