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Girl Got angry Is angry Celebrates life Wants to go running Through the streets Yelling Doesn't go Afraid you'll think It's a woman needing help But you never call the police anyhow Even when she's being raped Girl stays inside Waiting for the day of salvation Knows it's only in her But still I don't [...]

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The Mighty 12

I get off the ferry Turn right on 1st Ave Because it’s the easiest way To get to the south side Without taking the freeway I turn my head As I pass the stadium Know what’s coming Larger than life size Images of degraded women Flashing with bright lights And when the game gets out [...]

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I haven't been able to write for a while. I have felt this massive internal gridlock, bottleneck - so many feelings, so many experiences, stories within stories within stories...where to begin? how to write about it all? Writing on the Alzheimer's Association forum has opened the channels again. I feel very vulnerable sharing this, but [...]

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I Choose to Dance

I dance Amidst the ashes On top of the grave Of what was Of what I hoped For me For you At peace with my conscience my soul Knowing I have done Everything in my power Releasing all the rest Surrendering to what Is And what is possible For me If not for you Risk [...]

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The black tar That rose up And threatened to destroy me Rises up again And threatens to destroy me Again Pure evil That you naively embrace As I busy myself Caring for your wellbeing Giving my everything While you celebrate them And malign me ©2018 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this [...]

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Radiant Light

Reconstructing A new vision That does not require your participation yet offers A loving healthy positive channel Of relationship Where I can honor you Celebrate and dance with you In this beautiful radiant Light Of essential goodness ©2018 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.

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Olive Branch

You offer me An olive branch Laced with poison Then cry out That I have rejected your offer Consummate victim Perpetually creating situations Of passive domination Condemning me While I am busy Saving my life your mother’s life As you fire cannons From behind the protective shield of Conventional armor Defending your criminal levels of [...]

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On the Outskirts

I see possibility The vastness of choices and options That come with a decision A willingness To risk To change You remain glued to Your patterns and narratives Making my choices That much riskier and harder Not only between freedom and slavery But between Life and Family history identity community Between belonging As a vapid [...]

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Ufee Yagid Emoonathai

Athonai sifathai tiftah Ufee yagid emoonathai You abused me Without mercy Seized every opportunity To exert dominance and control I risked everything Dared To save my soul Put myself Above everything You put before me And taught me To bow down to And self sacrifice In worship I reconfigured my brain Devoted myself to Healing [...]

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Hungry Shark, White Knight

Wading through the sludge Of your insanity The heaviness and consequences Of your obtuseness Gravitation toward self-destruction Grabbing hold to pull me down with you In the twisted notion And obsession Of being my savior So that ultimately I have to release my hand And allow you to fall Into the jaws of the hungry [...]

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