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**This article first appeared in Moxie magazine in 1999.** I waltzed into the crowded Elat kosher market just two hours before doors closed for Passover. It had been years since I lived in Los Angeles or New York, and I had forgotten the feeling of being able to buy everything within my grasp. With the [...]

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Drawing Lines

**This article was first published in Moxie magazine in 2000. In the United States, what we have come to know as "Jewish" encompasses just one subset of the Jewish people - the Ashkenazim, Jews from Northeastern and parts of Northwestern Europe. There are in fact many distinct Jewish communities from around the world. This essay refers [...]

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Take Your Dance Meds! Featuring Seattle Womxn’s Original Music.

"Take Your Dance Meds!" will be a live virtual dance class for healing on the mind-body-spirit levels. Date and time TBA - check back for details - and it will be a livestream on Facebook.com/IraqisInPajamas. The class is open to and appropriate for people of all levels of ability and disability, including you, even if [...]

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By Failing to Hold Arab Leadership Accountable, the Progressive Movement Enables Racism Against Jews

This article was first published in The Huffington Post on June 11, 2016 Last week marked the anniversary of the farhud, the pro-Nazi massacre of Jews in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1941. Hajj Amin al-Husayni, the mufti of Jerusalem, was a Nazi sympathizer who had met with Hitler in Germany and incited genocidal violence against the Jews throughout [...]

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Racist Zoombombers and the Healing Power of Love

I've been contemplating the healing powers of love. On Friday night, my heart was filled with love and joy, as I prepared to lead a prayer service. Over 100 people from the spectrum of faiths, nationalities, and ethnicities showed up on the Zoom call, to share in rejoicing the Iraqi Jewish tradition of my ancestry. [...]

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In Some Ways, for Someone with Chronic Health Issues, Lockdown Has Made Life a Bit Easier

In some ways, I have barely noticed that the world is under lockdown. In other ways, my life has gotten easier. That’s because I have been living with and healing from chronic health issues for the past two decades. Among other considerations, I have physical and auditory hypersensitivity that make gatherings dicey and crowds [...]

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