Zoom with Khazzoom!

The “Stay at Home” social distancing and self-quarantine orders during the Coronavirus pandemic inspired Loolwa Khazzoom to launch the “Zoom with Khazzoom” program series – through which Loolwa is bringing her play and work to people worldwide, both during and following the quarantine period. In addition to all the usual services Loolwa offers, this series includes the following:

  • Singing + storytelling performances
  • Whole-foods, plant-based cooking guidance
  • Conversations with thought leaders and change makers
  • Gatherings for writers who need a kick in the pants
  • Improvisational dancing and drumming sessions
  • Iraqi Jewish prayer and ritual services

Visit the Zoom with Khazzoom playlist on Loolwa’s YouTube channel, to see the full lineup. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel while you’re there, to get original content hot off the press!