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Drug of Choice

You live in a Drug-encrusted fantasy About what you want to do And who you want to be Toking on pot Hiding behind a shroud of smoke That pushes you away from me As you indulge in self-pity Howling about abandonment While you fail to be there for me Postponing delaying The ways you promised [...]

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In the Splendor of Leaves Changing Color

I write songs As my way of communicating The depth of my feelings But I find that words Are silly inadequate To express the vastness of grief That I feel Without you here The omnipresent void That threatens to engulf me In a dark abyss My world is shattered I feel resentful That life carries [...]

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Your Orbit

Dear Daddy There is a brokenness in you That you wouldn’t/couldn’t fix That you were unwilling/unable To repair Effectively threatening to break me Anytime I neared your orbit Effectively repelling me From your life This family This community Forcing me to choose Between you and me And in doing so Pitting me against myself I [...]

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Finding our own place: Jews live in an increasingly Christian U.S.

This article was first published in The Jewish Independent, on March 17, 2006 San Francisco While visiting Southeast Asia for half a year, Ellen and David Newman were deeply moved by the religious diversity surrounding them. "We saw many practising Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims," David Newman recalled. "It led us to an even broader notion of many paths." [...]

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Match What I GIve

I am shocked By the number of people Who will not bother to ask If you are OK Who will not bother To take action When they know You are not I am honored To have found a select few Who have been there for me In ways that exceed What others offer And that [...]

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Watching Helplessly

I’m thinking about Boundaries containers structures Understanding that I have limitations That I cannot continue being A wellspring of raw strength Available to all as needed My fear is that your life my life Are I competition with each other now Clamoring for the resource of my energy Which is being worn down systematically By [...]

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These Waters

Unrelenting intensity Excruciating loss The stakes are high I find myself alone In a churning ocean Waves crashing at me From all sides My strength depleted Danger to my life But it won’t let up And these waters Are the very ones That soothed me healed me That now threaten To drown me ©2019 by [...]

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You wear the uniform Of tattoos muscles and a pout Maybe a little hair falling in your eyes I used to go for that kind of guy But now I want someone With a sparkle in his eye ©2019 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s [...]

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I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand No longer loving someone I understand putting distance And communicating about why I don’t understand Suddenly not caring ©2019 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.

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