Turmeric Leek Therapy Soup

My cooking is like my music: There is always a story behind it. So as part of sharing the recipe for this soup, I'm going to share what led up to its creation. I was very upset early this morning - to the point that I ended up convulsing in sobs, hunched over the kitchen [...]

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My Guide to a Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet, for Punk Rockers, Lazy Asses, and People who Couldn’t Follow a Recipe if Their Lives Depended on It

Most people know me as an Iraqi Jew. So they would corner me at the local synagogue, asking - in a tone that was part-conspiring and part-patronizing (because food was all Iraqi Jews were good for) – what I ate for dinner growing up. “Stouffers,” I’d reply, simultaneously disappointing and confusing them. What they didn’t [...]

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How I’m Practicing Self-Care During the Coronavirus Scare

This soup is packed with organic veggies, Adzuki beans, and spices. Yum! I have self-healed from asthma, insomnia, chronic pain, and numerous other chronic health issues, and I have stopped the growth of cancer, through self-care strategies that I have developed over the years - through personal experimentation (my body and life are [...]

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