Loolwa Khazzoom has been through, and has guided others through, exhilarating personal and professional metamorphosis – which you can find out about in “My Grand Healing Adventure.” She loves sharing her experience, wisdom, resources, and bubbly enthusiasm, and she is eager to inspire and guide you, helping you create your own adventure of alchemy and rebirth. To this end, she offers a spectrum of opportunities to zazz up your life with a Khazzoom injection – singing and storytelling performances, personal and professional coaching, public relations management, and Zoom with Khazzoom virtual programs on healing through music, dance, and lifestyle medicine. Scroll below to find out more, and if you’d like to explore working with Loolwa, give her a holler!

A Rare Combination
Loolwa Khazzoom is a rare combination of artist, teacher, activist, and healer. She has been to hell and back in her own life (more about that below), and at each fork in the road, has chosen to follow the path of truth, purity, authenticity, and freedom – despite risking social approval, financial stability, community belonging, and even her very life. Along the way, she discovered that her willingness to do whatever it took – to go deep into the wild unknown, to follow the calling of her soul and heart – ultimately brought her to a place of healing, transformation, peace, and wholeness. By facing poison head-on, she learned, we can turn it into medicine – not only for ourselves, but for the world around us.

Inspiring and Guiding You
From the time she was a little girl, Loolwa cared deeply about others – exuberantly sharing her insights, resources, and talents, reaching out her hand and inviting others to fly with her, to a realm of possibility. She now channels this innate passion into singing and storytelling events, as well as personal coaching and professional management services. Click on the specific drop-down menu item that interests you, to find out more about each of these services. Find out more about Loolwa’s many professional credentials on her about page. For more about her personal credentials, keep on reading below!

The Grand Healing Adventure
Loolwa’s life has been impacted by domestic violence, cancer, mental illness, national exile, chronic pain, and other forms of trauma. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what’s coming at you and how to cope with it, and people are not necessarily compassionate along the way. One of the hardest parts of Loolwa’s journey was people telling her that she had bad luck or bad karma, that she subconsciously wanted to suffer and was attracting adversity, or some other variation of the message that she had it coming to her. Another of the hardest parts was doctors and holistic health practitioners not only chiming in with this trope, but also failing to properly listen to Loolwa about her sensitivities and needs, leading them to injure her further, and in doing so, sink her even deeper into the pit she was busy scratching, crawling, and clawing her way out of.

But Loolwa is the scrappy and discerning sort, always questioning, challenging, going way way (way) outside her comfort zone, and persevering. In addition, she collected a few trusted renegades along the way, offering various forms of much-needed love, validation, and support, to hell with everyone else. And so Loolwa kept on keeping on, effectively designing and implementing her own road map for healing and transformation. Ultimately, through a myriad of tools – ranging from a whole-foods, plant-based diet, to a bottle-smashing range, to original music and improvisational dance – Loolwa not only overcame what took many others down, but in a number of cases actually used its energy, to power her healing. The biggest takeaway Loolwa discovered was that healing is often a byproduct of living life to the fullest – which in turn can be accomplished by asking, “What can I do,” or “how can I do it,” instead of simply saying, “I can’t.” Get the full story on “My Grand Healing Adventure.”

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