Can music really heal the physical body? Leading scientific research says yes. Studies on the healing powers of music are documented in books like The Power of Music (by NY Times best-selling author Elena Mannes) and The Healing Power of Sound (by oncologist Mitchell Gaynor MD), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently launched three new studies on the healing powers of music. Quite simply, whether singing lullabies or sacred chants, mothers and religious leaders have known for millennia what scientists are only beginning to understand: Singing has the extraordinary power to uplift, transport, and heal us, as well as to connect us to the Divine. This shift in consciousness is why, after hearing a particular song, our mood may change abruptly, or we suddenly may feel transported back in time. Singing bypasses out mental process, both awakening and soothing us at the core, without effort. Among other benefits, we are able to access, release, and heal from the experience of trauma, without having to recount and risk getting triggered by painful memories. Below is information about and links to relevant data. In addition, top integrative medicine doctors in Loolwa Khazzoom’s network are available for expert commentary.

  • NIH data on chronic disease in the USA: Most significantly, about 50% of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease; 70% of all deaths are caused by chronic disease; and chronic disease accounts for 75% of aggregate healthcare spending. Conventional medicine is outstanding at treating acute illness but is failing at treating chronic illness. This Huffington Postarticle, The Future of Medicine, explains why.
  • The Dr. Oz Show posted this article, New Book Calls for Seismic Shift in Our Healthcare Modelabout the epigenetics revolution, which indicates that it is our lifestyle choices, not our genes, that determines our destiny.This 400 million person study further indicates that lifestyle choices, not genes, determine our destiny.
  • The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) recently launched three music and health research projects: Promoting Research on Music and Health: Fundamentals and Applications (R01 Clinical Trials Optional) – RFA-NS-19-008Promoting Research on Music and Health: Fundamentals and Applications (R21 Clinical Trials Optional) – RFA-NS-19-009 Promoting Research on Music and Health: Phased Innovation Award for Music Interventions (R61/R33, Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-AT-19-001


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