You awaken in me Erotic energy That stems from the soul I invite it To flow through me Permeate me From the inside Spreading warming filling This is what I have been waiting for This is What I have been Waiting for No physical act Could reach this level At this time I crave I [...]

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Paralyzed By the loss so far Accumulating further loss Through inaction There wasn’t enough time to do it right Or I was busy trying to let go And live in the here and now And now I’m anxious I may have forgotten details Truth lies in the details So I might get the facts wrong [...]

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You say it is the will of Gd Perhaps it’s just your unwillingness To imagine the possibilities Step out of bounds Do whatever it takes Perhaps you are not in fact powerless But rather lazy Self-indulgent Relying on the systems rules constructs That small-minded people created To ensure the even flow of mediocrity Maybe you [...]

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The Fixer

The Fixer I used to lean into the vacuum Compensate for the void with my presence I guess it was too painful to feel the absence Now I know that I need someone Who fills up that space himself And meets me at the edges I will not be the fixer I will not be [...]

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You preach detachment How is that different from Dissociation Pretending that what’s happening Isn’t Collapsing internally From a sense of powerlessness Rather than accessing And acting on Power Of Truth Light Soul Remedying the situation Effecting change Your dogma Masquerades as Universal Truth Making it all the more insidious And yet And yet Having spoken [...]

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