You point at
The wealth of resources
I have mindfully accumulated
Over a lifetime
Despite all the forces
Pounding up against me
Threatening to crush me destroy me
You fail entirely
To see my choices risks
And relentless devotion
To myself and my path
Staying True no matter what
And doing whatever it takes
You see only
The outcome
Attributing it falsely
To privilege ease and luck
Which is both humorous and infuriating
Given the nonstop onslaught
I faced over the years
Of people telling me
At every turn
At my most vulnerable
That I had bad luck bad karma
That I must have done something horrific
In a previous life
That I was being punished
in this life
By the nonstop onslaught of “bad things”
I persisted persevered
Despite your emotional violence
Which you heaped upon me
On top of
The desperate circumstances I faced
And now
And now
I have created this river of flow
Of peace and ease
And you want to piss in it
destroy it
Take from it
Undermine it
All the while crying out
About your own circumstances
Which very well may be
The direct result
Of your resentment laziness
And negative approach to Life itself

©2018 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.