My band, Iraqis in Pajamas, is filming the music video for our song, “Cancer Is My Engine.” Click here for song music, lyrics, and back story. We’ll be filming scenes with extras on Sept 3 and filming with the band only on Sept 4, in the greater Seattle area. We need extras for drumming, dancing, and acting out a chasing scene. Here is the current storyboard for the music video. Please contact me if you are or you know someone who might be interested in participating.

  1. Opens with Loolwa in dark forest, eyes closed, holding candle tight – image of faith – sings words, “Cancer Is My Engine,” words magically light the candle. 
  2. Loolwa begins walking through forest with candle in front of her – walk of faith
  3. Cut to drumming circle (incorporating social distancing, shooting at separate times, doing composite footage so it looks like one cohesive circle).
  4. Cut to doctor, surgeon, insurance reps who appear and start chasing Loolwa. She starts running, deep into the forest, away from them.
  5. The forest path Loolwa is running on leads to a cliff. She leaps off the cliff, heart and arms open, in faith.
  6. Loolwa lands in the middle of the drum circle and begins dancing wildly.
  7. Cut to band shots – indoor/outdoor
  8. Cut to Loolwa drumming in the middle of the circle, with people dancing around her
  9. Cut to real-life shots of healing through lifestyle.
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