You ask me again To write for you again The guidance I already sent you And that you ignored the last time So that you can ignore it again Disrespecting my time energy and wisdom You repeatedly create a situation Where you fail to take care of yourself Then fail to allow me to take [...]

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I keep ending up In the position of manager With disgruntled employees Resentful of my role But I did not ask To be the only one Taking responsibility Or to be the only one With competency I wish I could glide along But my life is intertwined with yours And I cannot relax Floating downstream [...]

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It is A clusterfuck of variables Each of which Is a clusterfuck Of other variables None of which you understand Leading to a bottleneck That threatens to destroy me Through implosion With any attempt at Self-expression and release Further exacerbating matters In yet another clusterfuck Requiring inordinate levels Of intelligence and creativity To rise above [...]

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Sometimes I just Want to cry My body Has been so maligned And those  who hurt me Never took responsibility Leaving me To fend for myself Not only healing But surviving When every penny I take in Goes out In response to The wreckage they created  

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My desire Is what frees me Drives me beyond What is presented to me Engages my imagination Into the realm Of possibility Where is the balance Between accepting your limitations And recognizing The limitlessness Of what can be

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They say To stop expecting To be responsive To the non-responsiveness But that Shuts the door On possibility Sets in stone This suboptimal Way of living And yes Shutting the door Opens a window But what if That’s not where We want to go

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Devotion and Effort

You minimize my devotion and effort By telling me I have Extraordinary capacity But I didn’t know What capacity I had Until I took the risk That you are unwilling to take Because it requires So much devotion and effort

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Protected: You Lose

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I have a tit For each of your tats But I don’t flaunt them Use them like a 2x4 Hitting you over the head Bringing you down I just quietly move forward Into a new positive reality While you stew in the Mire of your negativity Attracting others with your Victim cries Wallowing in the [...]

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