Smaller and Smaller

My world becomes Smaller and smaller As one person after another Proves themselves unsafe Dangerous Arrogant Obtuse And as I Suffer the consequences Of their actions And inactions I don’t know If I’ll make it through This time ©2017 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s [...]

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You injure me In my own home After I lovingly Prepare a meal And experience For you And then Instead of apologizing You go on the attack Telling me that I am So sensitive That I am cursed That I have Bad luck bad karma Projections of your Belief systems Adding insult to injury Compounding [...]

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Promise of Connection

I am losing my shit My air-tight memory And perception Unraveling in your presence The sirens Singing to me Luring me into Self-destruction Through the promise of Connection ©2017 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.

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Tricky Thing

Trust is a tricky thing Even those most trustworthy Can fail to come through When the need is subtle Or dire You find out What people are made of When you cross over The proscribed formulas For human engagement And have needs That require A level of sensitivity That is not taught That typically Is [...]

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I trust you In general But don’t trust you In this instance People are different In different situations Acting out Aspects of themselves That may be Contradictory I don’t know you Well enough yet To know How consistent Or reliable you are Across the board And I have been betrayed before So I’m not even [...]

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You awaken in me Erotic energy That stems from the soul I invite it To flow through me Permeate me From the inside Spreading warming filling This is what I have been waiting for This is What I have been Waiting for No physical act Could reach this level At this time I crave I [...]

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Paralyzed By the loss so far Accumulating further loss Through inaction There wasn’t enough time to do it right Or I was busy trying to let go And live in the here and now And now I’m anxious I may have forgotten details Truth lies in the details So I might get the facts wrong [...]

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You say it is the will of Gd Perhaps it’s just your unwillingness To imagine the possibilities Step out of bounds Do whatever it takes Perhaps you are not in fact powerless But rather lazy Self-indulgent Relying on the systems rules constructs That small-minded people created To ensure the even flow of mediocrity Maybe you [...]

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Writing Is Powerful Medicine

Tonight I spoke with a newish friend about how I have been feeling grief, sadness, and depression related to my family. After decades of trying every possible means of healing my family relationships, my relationships to those relationships, and my family members themselves, I have given up. Or more accurately, I have chosen to stop [...]

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Blog Posts and Articles: What You Need to Know

Here's what you need to know about blog posts and articles: Accessibility As a general rule, once you are brought on board as a regular blogger at a given outlet, you are able to post content without having to go through the editorial process – meaning you can spend more time writing and less time [...]

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