The riddle is this
You make poor choices
Fail to properly take care of yourself
And fail to recognize any of it
So I am always picking up the pieces of your damage
Or proactively keeping you from disaster
As you abuse me
Enraged that I am trying to control you
But it’s a setup
Because you are like a child
Entirely unaware of the dangers
Of running across the street
And yet you are not a child
And I did not choose this responsibility
Through birthing you

They say to let people
Make their own choices
Chart their own courses
But what if they are incapacitated
On at least some level
Is it really a choice
And if I see what is going on
And can do something to change course
Is it ethical to stand by
And allow disaster to unfold
But when you live your life
From crisis to crisis
And consume my entire life
In managing yours
Is it ethical to myself
And when those who should step in
Choose not to
At all
On any level
And I am left stranded alone
And the choice is between
My wellness and your self-destruction
Or my survival and your survival
What do I do
And is it really a choice at all

©2017 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.