You are the calm placid quiet
Of death
The flatline that comes with
Giving up the will to live
Lining up your Chicken of the Sea mermaids
Like tombstones
Where everything is in its proper place
In an orderly graveyard

You confuse the passion and power of Life
With the chaos and instability of our childhood
Unable to distinguish between
The tidal wave of destruction
And the earthquake of creation

Rejecting art
Because it comes with mess
Preferring instead the well-manicured lawns
Flanking the ivory towers
Which provide you not only
Automatic approval
For successfully having followed
All the rules
But also
The safety and security of removal
From the pulsation of life
That swarms
Just outside those high high walls
Which you also erected in your soul
Shielding your heart
From its ability to see me connect with me
And recognize
All that you have lost


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