A family of predators
Hating me for my
Competency Strength Intelligence
Hell-bent on breaking me
Until I am broken
At which point
You relate to me
Embrace me
Recognize me as
One of your own
And offer me
Your twisted tender loving care
A form of poison
An investment
In keeping me down

I neither bolt
Nor plot revenge
Instead I channel
That competency strength intelligence
My soul heart love
Time energy and relentless determination
Into designing and offering
A blueprint for healing
You me our relationship this family

But you shoot down
All my efforts
Preferring that I wallow with you
Allow you to crush me
As you stay crushed yourself
(Mis)perceiving my efforts
As rejection domination
Failing entirely to recognize
My loyalty and devotion
Pitting me against myself repeatedly
As I refuse to accept
Your either-or model
Holding out a higher possibility
The way Moshe held out his arms
Extending way past
His human capacity

Until the day came
That I was unwilling to leak my energy anymore
And I chose to let go
Allowing you
And this beautiful vision
To crash and burn