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Super Fly
Tiffany Surerus jumps out of planes. Several times a day. For work

Julia Bonk Takes Charge
At 19, she is Germany's youngest member of Parliament

Stuntgirl Badass
Allison Caetano is trained to take and shake off pain

Baghdad Diary
While most girls her age were heading to Cancun for spring break, Hapistinna "Graci" Horne, 20, went to Iraq to pray for peace.

Take Back the Mike
Women rappers are getting on stage and making themselves heard.
(Jerusalem Post)

Entrepreneur Gives Feminist Bookstore a Whimsical Makeover
With sparkling chimes, colorful macramé bags, naturally scented candles, and bikini underwear that says "eat organic" on the front, this isn't your Mama Bears bookstore.
(San Francsico Chronicle)

Into the Night
If I die in a car crash tomorrow , and I didn't go out for this walk tonight, I'll be sorely pissed. So began one of my many nighttime prowls, at 3:00 am.

Can You Kick It?
In a pair of Ally McBeal episodes late last season, Renee kickboxed her date, Rivers, because he did not stop his sexual advances when she told him to. He ended up with broken bones; she ended up with assault charges.

Assets & Liabilities
"You're interesting, awesome, talented, beautiful, exciting..." - these being the reasons why he did not want to be involved with me. "It's OK that you're a strong woman, there's nothing wrong with that..."

The Grand Coverup
In Afghanistan today, a woman is considered provocative if the wind blows her skirt above her ankle, and the price for such "lewdness" is acid thrown in her face.

Afraid to be Beautiful
I am a young, sex-loving, predominantly heterosexual woman. I love dressing up, and I love playing diva. I love gorgeous men, and I love flirting wildly. I know I am beautiful, and I want to flaunt it.

Defining...The Violence, The Power
Every day, every moment of my life, I refuse to submit to patriarchy. I am willing to risk everything so as to live authentically, to speak my mind and take up my space.

A Witness to History
Iranian photojournalist Newsha Tavakolian, 24, was on the frontlines in Iraq

In a country where makeup is forbidden and women are required to cover their heads with scarves, it takes a gutsy girl to venture into the field of photojournalism. When Newsha was 17, she began working at Zan, a women's newspaper. Though she studied photography in high school, "I didn't know the power of a picture," she says. That changed when she started filing photographers' work for Zan's archives. "They would shoot events, and then those photos would be in the paper-like witnesses to what had happened."

When Newsha fell in love photography, she knew she would have to work extra hard. "In Iran there aren't many female photojournalists," she explains, "so we have to prove ourselves." Newsha got her break the day her editor urgently needed someone to shoot a front-page story, but no one was available. (full article)


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The Flying Camel
Seal Press, 2003

Seventeen first-person stories bridge divisions between Arab and Jew, East and West, and navigate through tensions between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

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Pearl In A Million Press, 2001

True story pushes the boundaries of response to street harassment, offering a breathtaking ride over the edges of female socialization.

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