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Switching Gaza's Business Assets
Amidst political tensions, what will be the fate of the hothouses?
(BBC News)

Tel Aviv's Water Wonderland
This Mediterranean beachfront playground draws people to the sun, sand and surf—in spontaneous, sometimes raucous, Israeli style.

Still Making The Scene
Berkeley is a place where you can always give peace a chance

(Boston Globe)

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Combine the coziness of a small town with the sophistication of a big city, add the serenity of a meditation retreat and the agitation of an antiwar rally, and you've got Berkeley. Nestled between the glistening San Francisco Bay to the west and the tree-lined East Bay Hills, this community is best known for its radical protests of the 1960s. To this day, Berkeley continues its tradition of political activism, adding bite to even the most crunchy-granola California experience.

Ecological activism, the fight for workers' rights, and the campaign to end racial exploitation all go hand in hand with health-conscious living here. Thriving business collectives reflect a market-based commitment to environmental and social justice. (full article / travel itinerary)


From the Boston Globe, © 2004 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be used without the author's permission.

The Flying Camel
Seal Press, 2003

Seventeen first-person stories bridge divisions between Arab and Jew, East and West, and navigate through tensions between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

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Pearl In A Million Press, 2001

True story pushes the boundaries of response to street harassment, offering a breathtaking ride over the edges of female socialization.

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