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Israeli Rappers Prove Hip-Hop Will Translate to Any Language
Hip hop hits Israel's mainstream, crossing all ethnic lines.
(Boston Globe)

Hip Hop Breaks Out in the Middle East
Rappers give edgy new voice to their pride and anguish.
(Baltimore Sun)

Jewish sect from Egypt keeps it all in the family
Karaites' exodus began after the Suez Crisis in the '50s
(SF Chronicle -- Friday Living cover story)

Making a Scene: Multi-Ethnic Hip Hop Rocks Israel
Jews and Arabs co-exist peacefully on the hip hop stage.
(Pacific News Service)

Hip Hop's Jew Crew Takes Center Stage
“Celebrate Hip Hop: Jewish Artists From Around the Globe" educates hip-hop fans about international Jewish rappers
(Jewish Journal of LA -- cover story)

Hip-Hop Conquers Israel
Giving contemporary issues a fresh, exciting vibe.
(Hadassah -- cover story)

A Hip Hop Tour of the Afterlife
When Tim Barsky saw the world crumbling around him, he wondered what comes next.
(The Forward)

Sabra Madonna
Sarit Hadad, Israel's leading pop diva, takes center stage
(The Forward)

Ethiopians Are Doing It for Themselves
Ethiopian Jews in New York share their ancient tradition
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

A Karaite Passover
Karaites recall Egyptian exodus through their own Passover customs
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Israeli Hip Hop Band Rocks US
Multi-ethnic Israeli hip-hop band rocks U.S. audiences with reality
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Mizrahi Music Goes Mainstream
Once considered an Oriental sound, Mizrahi music now defines Israeli culture.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Israeli Hip Hop on the Rise
Youth turn to hip-hop to express their cultural identities.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Ofra Haza & Me
A tribute to my first role model.
(Generation J)


Artist on a Mission
Shula Keshet brings art on the periphery into the mainstream.

Valuable Art From a Disregarded People
From the walls of Reverend Al Sharpton’s home in New York to the mantle of photographer Irene Furtik’s home in Santa Monica, Ethiopian Israeli art has arrived
(Jewish Journal of LA)


Glida Mastik
Iraqi ice cream brings traditional flavor to Ramat Gan
(Jerusalem Report)

The History of Mizrahi Jews
Regardless of where Jews have lived most recently, all Jews have roots in the Middle East.

Hip-hop Thrives in Israel
A decade of Jews and Arabs rockin' the mike
(Rolling Stone)

They strutted onstage much as any hip-hop artists would, two buff young men sporting the requisite bandanas, baseball caps, jerseys and baggy pants. "Are you wearing a Star of David proudly on your chest?" Subliminal bellowed into the mike. A sea of hands shot skyward, as half the crowd of 4,000 burst into enthusiastic screams.

Welcome to the tenth anniversary celebration of hip-hop in Israel. The landmark event, which took place July 3rd in Tel Aviv, was sponsored by Shabak Music, the record label of the now-defunct band Shabak Sameh -- pioneers of Israeli hip-hop.

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From Rolling Stone © 2003 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be used without the author's permission.

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