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Without saying a word, I connected with a gorgeous man while shopping at a store. No pretense, no coverup, no make believe. Just raw, naked desire.


They Said My Arab Boyfriend Would Slit My Throat
She's Jewish. He's Muslim. They said it wouldn't last. But it did.
(Marie Claire)

After driving around Be'er Sheva, a desert town in southern Israel, for 15 minutes looking for my summer program's closing party, I pulled into a gas station for directions. When the attendant walked out of the building, I was struck by his exceptional beauty: long, curly hair, flashing eyes, great energy. Besides getting directions, I thought, I'd definitely have to get some gas.

"Are you a student here?" he asked in Hebrew, unscrewing the cap on the tank.

"Sort of," I replied. "I'm in the Hebrew-immersion summer program."

"So how's your Hebrew?" he continued. In a daze, I didn't answer. "Not that great, I guess," he laughed. "So are you leaving Israel now that the program is done?" (I was flying home to California the next week, but didn't want to ruin the moment.) "No," I lied.

We introduced ourselves while he filled the tank. I knew immediately from his name, Muhammed, that he wasn't Jewish like me; no Jewish mother would name her kid after a Muslim prophet! (full article)

Marie Claire, © 2003 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be used without the author's permission.

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