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The Flying Camel:
Essays on Identity by Women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Heritage


The Flying Camel: Essays on Identity by Women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Heritage (Seal Press) brings to the public eye a world often hidden from view. Anthology contributors bridge divisions between Arab and Jew, East and West, and they are impacted directly by tensions between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Contributors possess the refreshing lens of those on the edge, insiders and outsiders to many different worlds. Pushed and pulled by the strong currents of today's identity politics, they remain steadfast and refuse to be defined as "other" or "less than" by any of the communities to which they belong. As such, their stories sweep readers into a surprising journey of discovery. Each essay unveils the rich, multi-colored texture of identities commonly portrayed as one-dimensional or black & white.

Seventeen women share the joys and struggles of stepping forth from the shadows, demanding to be heard. Vivid, gripping narratives include the daring of a young Libyan woman who single-handedly rescued her family from assassination and the sexual rebellion of a traditional Iranian woman who grew up wearing a veil. Click here for summaries.

Early in the feminist movement, it was ground-breaking when anthologies were published representing African, Asian, and Latina women's voices. The Flying Camel offers a similar challenge to Jewish women's literature specifically and women's literature in general. For this reason, numerous feminist leaders have endorsed this book, including Rebecca Walker, Angela Davis, Letty Cottin-Pogrebin, and Susan Weidman Schneider. In addition, professors from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, and numerous other private and state schools throughout the country have endorsed the book. Click here for endorsements.

Download a PDF of excerpts from the anthology. This requires Adobe Acrobat reader for proper viewing. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you may download it free here.

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