The following individuals, organizations, and publications offer tremendous resources for healing and expressing one's authentic self:

Anasuya Batliner: acupressure, nutrition counseling, journey work. This woman is a life-saver!

Bamboo Girl: kick-ass 'zine for Asian-American grrrls

Bitch Magazine: embrace your inner bitch and read the magazine for grrrls with attitude

Defending Our Lives: A documentary tracing the lives of women who killed in the name of self-defense.

Fabulous Disaster: in-your-face grrrl punk band - fabulous!

Foxfire: If all movies were like this, girls wouldn't take any shit from anyone. Ever.

Girl Army: putting the punch behind grrrl power

Girls Fight Back: Harass us, and expect to get your ass kicked!

Girls Town: Round up your favorite girls and a bowl of popcorn and watch this inspiring flick!

Her Way: Ladies, it's our turn to dictate the rules of sex!

Thea Hillman: Spoken Word(s) to live by

Impact Personal Safety: Full contact self defense training.

Kiss My Tiara: Can't put this book down!

Ladyfest: The coolest of the coolest grrrls in art, activism, film, and music.

Maggie Hadleigh West: Bold fabulous woman who took on street harassment in her documentary, War Zone

Maydeleh: Zine for Nice Jewish Grrrls

One Angry Girl: wardrobe for the revolution

Planting Seeds: taking apart the patriarchy one workshop at a time

Seal Press: coolest line of books for and by women

Street Harassment Project: the next step after a Take Back the Night march

That Takes Ovaries!: Stories of bold brazen hussies who don't take no guff

Women Defending Ourselves: Self defense collective for and by women

Women's Safety Project: Women-run self-defense classes for women and girls