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How I Practiced Self-Care When I Experienced Respiratory Symptoms During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ujjayi breathing in my back yard.

About a month ago, I woke up with a dry couching spasm and felt an inexplicable heaviness, as if there were a steel weight inside me, dragging me down. I subsequently had some difficulty breathing, in what felt like an asthma attack from days of yore, when I had severe and chronic respiratory health issues. Given the Coronavirus pandemic, the hysteria surrounding it, and the fact that I’d had a terrifying experience with pneumonia just last year, almost to the day of when this coughing spasm started, I was frightened.

Fortunately, given a lifetime of living with and healing from various chronic health issues – not the least of which has been cancer – I had an arsenal of self-care strategies at my fingertips, as well as a stash of immune-boosting supplements that could carry me through a few weeks, while I back ordered the ones that had flown off the shelves along with toilet paper. In addition, I had a cadre of trusted integrative and holistic medical practitioners in place, to call for guidance – one of whom told me it sounded as if I had a […]

What Cancer Taught Me about How We Should be Responding to Coronavirus

@2020 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved.

My boyfriend and I recently went for a hike in a local park, only to be confronted by a barricaded parking lot, with the words, “Park Closed.” Dismayed yet not daunted, we continued driving down the perimeter of the park, until we came across an opening in the chain link fence – not a deviant-sized hole, mind you, but a legitimate trail entrance. The last we’d heard, our state continued to permit hiking with social distancing. We were confused by the sign, though, and nervous about the possibility of getting arrested.

We decided to take a chance – finding an off-road parking spot half a mile away, and walking back to the entrance. I was anxious for the first 15 minutes or so on the trail, talking to my boyfriend in hushed […]

Turning a Corner – New Ways for Me to Share with and Support You!

My mom always talked about “turning a corner,” meaning you can just be sauntering through life, as per the usual, and then POW! You turn a corner, and everything changes. I just turned one of those proverbial corners, leading to an unfolding and a synthesis, on the personal and professional levels – and, by extension, leading to some new and meaningful ways that I can share with you and support you, including offering a limited amount of free and sliding scale services for your personal and professional transformation.

People who need support the most are often the ones who can afford it the least – I know, because I was one of those people. And as part of turning this corner recently, I figured out a brand new business model, which enables me to offer up that support. Allow me to explain…The back story is long, so if you want to skip to the end and find out what I’m offering now, feel free […]