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Loolwa Khazzoom has published two ground-breaking books and has written a plethora of cutting-edge articles in leading publications across the globe. Whether you are an aspiring or working writer, Khazzoom offers you the benefit of her experience, through the following services:


Through in-person or virtual meetings, you will learn Loolwa Khazzoom’s proven methods for getting your work published by leading periodicals and book companies. Guidance includes how to…

  • Come up with winning ideas for articles and books
  • Write successful article pitches and book proposals
  • Develop strong relationships with agents and editors
  • Organize and manage your writing career effectively


Whether you are writing an article, a book, or even a university paper, you will receive professional support developing your voice and crafting your words. Editing includes the option of handing off your writing for complete revision or receiving tailored guidance on how to improve your work yourself.


Want to test the waters of a professional writing career? Through an internship program, you will work side-by-side with Loolwa Khazzoom – learning the A to Z of a freelance writing career, acquiring hands-on experience in the field, receiving weekly coaching sessions, and gaining university credits. 


For more information, contact Loolwa Khazzoom.



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